Carolina Beach Fishing Charter Cheerio Lady

Where did the name come from? Well, sit back and I’ll tell you. It wasn’t a 3-hour cruise and by the way, most captains refer to their boats as a female. You see, just like a Lady, a boat requires tender loving care! But, and I mean a big BUT, she and I have a love hate relationship…

carolina beach fishing boat

Dad bought his first charter boat in 1956. It was named the Cheerio, and well, he liked the name as it meant goodbye and good luck not to mention it’s a maritime myth that it’s bad luck to rename a boat! It’s also fun to say. I mean, who doesn’t like to say Cheerio! in their best bloody horrible British accent?

Through the years, there have been several boats bearing the name including Cheerio, Cheerio 2, Cheerio Lady, and finally Cheerio Baby.

She is a retired naval vessel that was once a captains launch for the USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2). It was onboard for the recovery of Apollo 13.

Dad purchased her in 1977, and she has been in continuous charter service ever since. Numerous upgrades and redesigns (some you can see, many you can’t) have occurred over the years – most recently in spring of 2023.

carolina beach charter boat

Cheerio Lady is a solid fiberglass boat. Fiberglass is pretty much bulletproof as long as it’s thick enough. No joke, this boat is so well built Moby Dick would give up. She is powered by 430 horses of lean mean Volvo Diesel power. Cruising at a smooth 17kts, she is safe, comfortable, and economical. You don’t need to see the back doctor after riding on her.

A full complement of the latest Garmin and Humminbird electronics will guide us to the secret rocks, ledges, live bottom and wrecks of the snapper banks off the Cape Fear region that over 100 years of experience has allowed us to accumulate. They also help keep us from getting lost.

On board, per Coast Guard Regulations, you’ll see that there are Type 1 life jackets for all passengers, with water activated lighted beacons, a Cat 1 water activated EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), a water activated six-man life raft, 5 fire extinguishers, one throwable life ring, aerial and handheld flares, first aid kit, 2 ship-to-shore VHF radios, and even a satellite communication device! You get the jest… we sink, we safe, we rescued. But that’s not going to happen as you’re sailing with a tippity top notch crew!

Down below, you’ll find 6 bunks, rod and reel storage and a head with privacy. I might tell you to use a 5 gallon bucket though. Good Luck.

Custom built rods and Penn or Shimano reels are used on every trip. Don’t break my rods please.

•   Call Captain John Batson at 910-367-0653   •

Carolina Beach fishing aboard the Cheerio Lady

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