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Full service Carolina Beach fishing charter since 1956

Since 1956, Batson Charter Boats has provided a full service charter boat experience in beautiful Carolina Beach, NC.Whether you are an experience angler, or a greenhorn, we provide the ultimate adventure. Our number one priority is catching fish, and a lot of them! Let over 100 years of passed down and combined fishing experience between Captains John, Peter, and Drake, provide you with your next fishing adventure!

Captain John Batson

There’s just something about watching the sunrise over the big blue ocean. I’ve watched thousands of them and they never get old.

You can call me John, or Chief, or Johnny half dollar, or triple chin, or just Batson. I’ll answer to all. I consider myself a pirate 200 years too late.

I grew up fishing with my dad and brothers. My dad was a full time commercial fishing and charter captain for his entire life. My brothers and I were on the boat and fishing with him as soon as we could walk.

I’ve been running my own boat since 2005 and the years on the water and guidance of my dad and brothers have given me the skills necessary to put guests on fish, whether you can handle the fish or not is on you! A quality catch of excellent tasty fish is my goal every single time the boat leaves the dock.

When I’m not on the water, you can usually find me on a construction site or working on one of my various projects as I’ve also been heavily involved in the construction and development industry for almost 20 years. I hold various certifications and licenses related to such including NC Building Inspector, NC Building Contractor, and NC Real Estate Broker. I have also been a volunteer firefighter since 2003.

I enjoy a good book, mostly military history. The pacific theater of World War 2 is one of my favorite topics as well as the Civil War and any pirate history. First hand stories really interest me – it is awe inspiring to read about what our forefathers went through. If you see me looking at my phone while steaming to the fishing grounds, I’m probably reading a book!

I look forward to having you as my guest aboard the Cheerio Lady. I sincerely hope you enjoy your special trip, and please let me know how I can make it more memorable for you!

Captain Peter Batson

The youngest brother of our family, Capt. Peter helps out part time while also holding a career as a professional firefighter! He has been fishing with his older brothers and Capt. Doug since he was a small boy. Forever the pragmatist, Capt. Peter is a great fisherman, and even better diver.

Captain Caleb Batson

You’ve probably read about me and Peter already. There are more brothers and sisters too, but you must hear about Capt. Caleb if you’re going to be joining us aboard the Cheerio.

Caleb was tragically taken from us on October 25, 2014. He had been on a commercial spear fishing trip and clipped himself off to the safety line 25’ below the surface before becoming unconscious and stopped breathing. After his mate called the Coast Guard, a US Navy ship responded to the boat. Ironically, it was the new USS Iwo Jima. It had been in the area practicing war maneuvers. Caleb was rescued and helicoptered to the hospital, but did not survive. We don’t know for sure what caused Caleb to pass.

The Cheerio Lady was his rig. He ran her for 12 years. He was one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. Driven hardly describes his personality. Legendary fits better. He was a fish whisperer, and was quite literally a fish in the water.

From surfing to fishing to diving, he had crazy skills. Many thought he dyed his hair, but I can assure you that bleached blonde head was a direct result of being an expert water man.

He was also a master craftsman working with aluminum welding and fiberglassing. Much of the Cheerio was designed and crafted by him to provide the ultimate fishing vessel.

One of his favorite jokes: what’s a pirates favorite sauce? Tarrrrr tar sauce!

There are holes in our hearts from his passing. But we are comforted in knowing that we will be reunited with him in Heaven.

Equipped with the best fish finding equipment and USCG approved safety gear, Batson Charter Boats provides year round fishing excitement. Your one stop for Offshore Fishing in Carolina Beach. Give us a call today to book your next Carolina Beach fishing charter.

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Carolina Beach fishing aboard the Cheerio Lady

If you're looking for highly productive Carolina Beach Fishing Charters, you've found the right charter fishing company. Batson Charter Boats provides action packed Carolina Beach offshore fishing and Carolina Beach deep sea fishing charters. We're located in one of the best fishing spots on the East Coast and offer fishing charters daily out of Carolina Beach, NC. On our half day nearshore fishing charters we troll for Spanish mackerel and bluefish in the nearshore waters off the coast from Carolina Beach. This is an excellent way to introduce the whole family to Saltwater Fishing. On our three quarter day Carolina Beach offshore fishing charters you'll get to experience trolling for king mackerel, cobia, barracuda, and mahi (In Season) among the offshore wrecks & reefs. This is the perfect fishing charter for your first offshore fishing experience.

Carolina Beach Sportfishing

On the full day Carolina Beach fishing charter anglers can expect to troll for mahi and king mackerel. During the specific times of the year fish catches can be very large. We can also target grouper by bottom fishing and the eating is good! We often limit out on most species on these fishing trips. For anglers looking to go after Big Game on one of our Gulf Stream fishing charters we'll take you trolling for wahoo, mahi mahi, blue marlin, white marlin, yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, and king mackerel in the crystal blue offshore waters of the Gulfstream along the Crystal Coast. Wahoo is a year round fishery and when in season, the mahi fishing is "Off the Hook". This is the fishing charter dreams are made of...so come join Batson Charter Boats for the Carolina Beach fishing experience of a lifetime.